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Wildwood produces Brazilian churrasqueiras for restaurants

Wildwood offers a wide selection of restaurant BBQ units. Our charcoal restaurant units are constructed of 401/ 304 stainless steel with real charcoal BBQ pits. These units are mounted on heavy duty steel casters for mobility and ease of maintenance. Heavy duty construction and low maintenance, these BBQ's provide years of trouble free service.

Download Churrasqueira Product Details Sheet


commercial Restaurant grade churrasqueira

Charcoal Cabinet : BBQ-C-2G-XX, BBQ-C-3G-XX
Charcoal Fueled Stainless Steel Restaurant Churrasqueira
Shown Above: Wildwood 29 Skewer BBQ

A professional rotisserie system for creating Authentic Brazilian BBQ

  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • 4-5” wheels facilitate cleaning and moving
  • Top gallery to hold skewers for slow cooking
  • Motor : Heavy duty 1/4 HP 110 or 220VO (50-60HZ) (specify when ordering)
  • Includes one set of spits and upper rest bar
  • Upper racks are available 
  • Download Churrasqueira Product Details Sheet
Charcoal Restaurant Churrasqueira Dimensions

Charcoal Restaurant Churrasqueira Dimensions